Deep Water, Thin Ice

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Simon Brook is a celebrated and flamboyant conductor. When he kills himself, his wife Alex is shocked she didn’t see it coming. Guilt-ridden and grieving, she escapes to Hillen Hall, an old house by the sea, abandoning her classical singing career and distancing herself from everyone but her sister Erica.

Hillen Hall is an old Brook family home. Once a fine manor house, it is now creaking and unloved. When Theo Hellyon, Simon's cousin, turns up offering to help with its renovation, Alex is confused. She didn’t know Simon had a cousin. And Theo is charming and reminds her of Simon so, despite Erica's warnings, Alex cannot resist having him in her life.

'Half the truth is often a whole lie' - Proverb

But the old Hall has a tortured history which Alex cannot begin to suspect and Theo is not what he seems. How long will it be before she realises she’s making a fatal mistake?

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Deep Water, Thin Ice

Praise for Deep Water, Thin Ice:

'An intriguing and engaging plot set in a beautifully described landscape.' Amazon reviewer

'A compelling story of empowering love and deception. Couldn't put it down!' Kobo reviewer

'I really enjoyed this book: so much so that I was sorry to reach the end… Highly recommended.' Amazon reviewer

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Deep Water, Thin Ice

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Book Clubs

My books are sometimes chosen to be read by book clubs and I’m thrilled to know that people are engaging with my stories and characters. It’s also interesting for me to hear your impressions and to see my characters through your eyes. If you have decided to read Deep Water, Thin Ice and would like more information about it, do get in touch. If your club is local to me, I should be happy to come and discuss it with you at a meeting if you would like; alternatively, we may be able to hook up on Skype.

I have prepared a list of questions you may choose to consider after reading Deep Water, Thin Ice. Click here to download a copy for your club. Be aware that the questions may contain spoilers!